Mobcity Records is a media company that was founded in 1993 and is focused on identifying top musical talent throughout the world and bringing them to the public through a variety of traditional and new channels.

Currently we provide media support to select companies to help those firms introduce new artists to the public and target their marketing campaigns appropriately. While Mobcity Records is qualified and capable of assisting artists with all aspects of their music career, including recording, production, mastering, music video production, marketing, publicity and touring, we are not a 'record label' in the old sense of the word. Our mission is to support artists' careers through innovative media content development that preserves and enhances the artist's creative vision and maximizes their global exposure.

Mobcity Records has helped artists to get their songs placed on top ten national and international radio charts and have licensed numerous songs for major network television and film. Mobcity Records is currently accepting submissions at info@mobcityrecords.com.